Saturday, April 11, 2009

Norooz Holiday's Vacations

2 week vacation!
I can't believe it has ended. How soon it passed .I had a very good time in this 2 week. The first of the spring is the beginning of New Year for us and people usually go to travel or visit their relatives.
For first week we went to Mashhad, in the east of Iran, to visit Imam Reza holy shrine, one of our holy leaders in a holy place. Both my whole family and my husband's family had come. We went to different entertaining places, shopping malls and spend a happy and funny week.

" Imam reza holy shrine"

" Boof fast food"

the Diamond Of East shopping mall

After that we went to north, beside sea. We had rent a nice motel and in all over 100 rooms of the motel, our family and relatives had been settled. The motel had an spectacular view, a coastal coffee shop and complete facilities like swimming pool. So all my time in this week had been occupied. The weather was cold, windy and rainy, so for the three last days we couldn't enjoy the beach.
" In the way of north from Mashhad"

The squar of Asal ( Honey) motel

we are saying our pray

The coach of ASAL MOTEL

In the way back to Tehran

By the way, vacation has ended and I have to start my works and lessons. Help me to start an energetic week.
Good luck


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My travel to north

I and my husband were very tired of our lessons and examinations. So we decided to travel to north of Iran with my sister and my brother in law at weekend. The north is beside the sea so it has beautiful sightseeing and consists of a lot of cities. We went to Raamsar, the bride of Iran and the most beautiful place in Iran.
We arrived on Thursday noon and came back on Friday noon. On the way in a freezing snowing place was a countryman that was selling delicious pottages. We bought some hot, and ate in freezing weather. Our accommodation was sharp and budget both and was beside the sea. Although it was winter, the weather was sunny, prosperous and perfect and you didn’t feel cold.
We visited Raamsar hotel that consisted of tow beautiful buildings. One of them was the older that was made by Rezakhan the king of Iran,75 years ago(they just rent it to tourists) ,and the other was the newest . The hotel had a spectacular and panoramic view up to mountains. In front of hotel was wonderful long Casino Bulverde toward the sea. We walked along the Casino toward the beach. The beach was secluded .Next to the hotel was the accommodation of the king in an interesting surrounding with antique furniture inside. Except for the vacations, it is a peaceful place and prices are reasonable.

these are the pictures of Raamsar hotel below:

this place is Cazino bulvard:

here is the sorrounding of the king accommodatin from diffrent corners and these persons are my husband and my nephew:

here is beside the beach:

North is very wide and has a lot of sightseeing and jungles, rainforests, prosperous plains, but we had just 24 hours. Most of Iranian go to north for entertainment on vacations because of the climate and beach. I will explain them on my next travel.
We ate our lunch and moved back to Tehran .In the way back we had a lot of fun and spent sometimes in beautiful landscapes, drinking tea. It was a short trip but far from hustle and bustle of town we boost morale

Monday, January 12, 2009

This time according to one of my friends request I decided to write about my city ,Tehran
At first I will give some total information
Tehran (or Teheran) (
tʰehˈɾɒn (help·info); Persian: تهران Tehrān) is the capital and largest city of Iran, and the administrative center of Tehran Province. Tehran is a sprawling city at the foot of the Alborz mountain range (the highest point in the Middle East (1,191 m, 3,900 ft)) with an immense network of highways unparalleled in Western Asia. Tehran is famous for its numerous ski resorts on the Alborz slopes, large museums, art centers, and palace complexes. Tehran is the largest city in the Middle East and is the most populated city in South Western Asia with a population of 7,404,515 and approximately 15 million in Greater Tehran.

Most Iranian industries are headquartered in Tehran. The industries include the manufacturing of automobiles, electrical equipment, military weaponry, textiles, sugar, cement, and chemical products. It is also a leading center for the sale of carpets and furniture. There is also an oil refinery located in south of the city.
In the 20th century, Tehran faced a large migration of people from all around Iran. Today, the city contains a mix of various ethnic and religious minorities, and is filled with many historic
mosques, churches, synagogues and Zoroastrian fire temples.[citation needed]
This text will be continuing

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are you believed in that men just can see other's fault? If you agree why do you think it is like that?
According to an ancient legend, every man, is born into the world with two bags suspended from his neck all bag in front full of his neighbors’ faults, and a large bag behind filled with his own faults. Hence it is that men are quick to see the faults of others, and yet are often blind to their own failings. So do you understand why men are vain?
But don't worry, According to a joke, women have their own faults .Men have just tow: everything they say and everything they do. Don't they?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Put down your glasses right now!

At the beginning of a class, professor held a glass full of water and told the students:
Look at here, my dears! How much does it weigh?

The students answered: 50 grams, 100 grams, 150 grams ….

The professor said: I don’t really know its weight. But my question is that if I held the glass of water in my hand for several minutes, what would happen?

The students answered: “Nothing”

The professor asked: What will happen if I hold it for one hour?

One of the students said: You feel gradually pain in your hands.

The Prof. said: You are right. Now what happen if I hold it for one day?

Another student said: Your hands will go numb; your mussels will come heavily under pressure, they will be paralyzed. And you will be definitely in need of hospital treatment… all the students burst out laughing.

The professor said: All right, but I want to know that is there any changes in the weight of the glass?

The students answered: So, what caused pain to our mussels?
What should we do? …

The students were totally confused.

One of them answered: Put down the glass.

The professor said: exactly right, we can compare it with our life’s problems.

If you keep the problems in mind for several minutes there is nothing wrong. But if you keep them for a long time, they will cause you pains and you will be paralyzed and have no ability to work.

But the most important thing is being free of thinking on your problems at the end of every day before getting sleep. If you do so, you will be fresh, full of energy and ready to do things in the morning. You will be able to solve even the most difficult problems.

Then, put down your glass right now and enjoy the life; "This is life, you know?"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

How patient is God

Some times whem I'm surfing the net I find Samane nazarian's great poetries .In her poetries we remember the value of the things that god has created and we have forgotten about In the following poetry we'll remember the patience ;kindness and mercy of him to the mankind:

How patient is God!

If I were God,
Seeing a sumptuous feast,
Held in the vicinity of hundreds of people
Dying of hunger,
I would definitely stifle,
Their first drunken shouting!

How patient is God!

If I were the Almighty,
Witnessing the first oppressor,
And the first oppressed in the world,
I would certainly ruin the world,
With all its good and evil!

How patient is God!

If I were the Merciful,
Observing the poor naked ones,
Almost beside those wearing colorful, expensive clothes,
I would surely demolish madly,
Whatever is in the sky and the earth!

How patient is God!

If I were the Beneficent,
Just for the sake of a lover,
Having a nomadic life,
I would definitely displace and madden,
Thousands of dearly beloved!

How patient is God!

If I were Him, for sure,
I wouldn’t respond to the prayers,
And feelings of contrition of those,
Who have committed acts of oppression and injustice;
I would definitely sunder the worry beads of insufferable prigs;
Those who pretend to be godly but actually are prudish!

How patient is God!

If I were God,
Seeing a lover burning like a candle,
I would undoubtedly turn the faithless beloved into a butterfly!
I would definitely destroy all thoughts,
Other than romantic and faithful ones!

How patient is God!

Why should I be Him?

Thus, it is better, in a word,
That God be the Lord of the world.

Only He can tolerate the evil deeds of His creatures.
I can not!

If I were Him,
I couldn’t deal fairly with the wise and the ignorant ones.
I would surely act more like a created being,
Than like the Creator, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

How patient is He!
How savant is God!
How great is He!
Almighty is God!

Friday, October 31, 2008

childhood dreams

I was reading a post in an english blog .It was about childhood dreams .They are the wishes and the hops that you had in your childhood.
when I'm thinking about the past I can't remember my childhood dream, hops and wishes .I don't know what min was!!!!I dont know why?My mother or even my grand mother can remember their chilhood in details.
I have to say that i've never had diary notes even in many imporrtant events and times like my marriage .Maybe it's because of that.
Now when you think about your chilhood ,can you remember them?Has they com true?